Welcome to

Big Picture Doncaster

We begin with relationships.

One learner at a time, and an unconditional positive regard.

We get to know the children that we work with; their likes and dislikes; their dreams and ambitions; their interests and goals.

Knowing who individual leaners are – really are – means we can build the learning around them and their interests. All the work that we do with the young people we work with is taken from them and relevant to them.

This is more than personalisation.

We are not taking an existing curriculum and moulding it around a learner or simply editing or altering. We build individual programmes that are as different as the learners.

When work is relevant and means something to us we immerse ourselves in it and work hard to produce our very best. We challenge ourselves and apply high standards and a rigorous focus – we are determined to do our very best.

Our work with learners will only succeed if it is based on authenticity and our advisors and others understand that this is not simply what we are doing but how we are doing it. Who we are.

These are not techniques, strategies, or tricks but our ethos, our ‘Haltung’