Big Picture Doncaster will begin with the individual student, sharing a guiding principle of ‘One student at a time’ with the schools of Big Picture Learning in the United States of America. This approach and ethos has seen its students approach education differently and yet still enter into post secondary learning paths and careers at a rate 12% higher than the national average, and has been lauded by Bill and Melinda Gates as well as former President Barrack Obama.

 This approach rejects the notion of a generic learner and looks to the individual establishing their needs and position in terms of personal development to ensure that they are engaged with their education from the outset. An educational environment that focuses on whole class or school approaches has been shown to fail these students and we will provide a curriculum and an environment that knows the individual, their hopes, dreams and needs and engages them.

A second key feature of the ethos of Big Picture Learning and Big Picture Doncaster is that we will begin with relationships at the heart of our work. It is often cited that academic study has value as an end itself and we believe that the same is true for relational development, self understanding and self esteem. 

Our Values

Our values are like our DNA or something that runs through us like writing through a stick of rock. We will use the concept of ‘Haltung’ (ethos, mindset or attitude) to establish a provision in tune with the belief of the Jewish doctor and teacher Janusz Korczak that , “the unknown person in each of them [children] is the hope for the future.” 

This isn’t just what we do, it is who we are. Our values colour all or our work and interaction and are what defines us and what we expect of everyone; students, staff, parents and the community.


  • To accept the challenges provided by our work 
  • To persevere through difficulties, setbacks and moments of failure

Compassion and Kindness

  • To show care and love towards others
  • To help and support others
  • To contribute positively to our community


  • To respect ourselves and others
  • To embrace and celebrate difference and diversity
  • To respect and care for our learning environment

Self Belief

  • To have confidence that ‘we can’
  • To find what we need within ourselves or through collaboration with others