Being a Big Picture parent means being a real part of the community of our school and a key part of what we do.

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Our learners are part of a number of different communities and families all of which overlap and make them what they are. And all of which have so much to offer to support the children to succeed.

Parental engagement and support will be integral to what we do and will require a higher level than may be common in other schools. It is essential that our children have support both while they are with us and without, and that we help to equip families to deliver this through making them part of the work that we do.

Working with children and parents we will help them to develop a greater understanding of the impact of interactions and how they can be more aware of the implications of what is said and done. By providing approaches and strategies that will enable greater understanding between child and parent, we will develop a greater awareness of how to use this to diffuse situations and to build more authentic relationships with a basis in attunement. 

As our learners grow and develop their own interests and awareness then we will also work with mentors as the final piece of our team. These could be community figures, professionals, business owners etc.

The interconnected strands of learning at Big Picture Doncaster can be summarised as follows;

  • The advisor will work with individuals to discover their interests and motivations
  • The mentor guides an internship 
  • The parent is an active member of the school community, providing a resource of themself
  • The learners interact to reinforce each other’s passions.

The result is a self teaching community of learners where no-one feels left out and each helps motivate the other