Our design principles underpin our curriculum and are that every experience should be designed so that it is rigorous, has relevance for students and the society that we are preparing them for, and that crucially it provides opportunity to develop the relationships that are at the heart of our work.


Our values are like our DNA or something that runs through us like writing through a stick of rock. They are who we are and link back to our concept of Haltung in that they colour all or our work and interaction and are what defines us and what we expect of everyone; students, staff, parents et al.


Our Habits of Work and Learning are how we demonstrate our values. They are what we do that reflects who we are. They are also ways of working and an attitude and approach to learning that form a basis for academic and learning success. Not only are our students taught these and their place in each piece of work highlighted and monitored, they are a central pillar of the work of our advisors.



  • To accept the challenges provided by our work 
  • To persevere through difficulties, setbacks and moments of failure

Compassion and Kindness

  • To show care and love towards others
  • To help and support others
  • To contribute positively to our community


  • To respect ourselves and others
  • To embrace and celebrate difference and diversity
  • To respect and care for our learning environment

Self Belief

  • To have confidence that ‘we can’
  • To find what we need within ourselves or through collaboration with others

Habits of Work and Learning 

Challenge yourself

  • I produce nothing but my best work
  • When things are difficult, I work harder
  • I’m committed to showing how well I can do

Take opportunities

  • I arrive on time, ready to go and fully equipped
  • I get fully involved in all classes and tasks
  • I welcome feedback and use it to do better

Build community

  • I work collaboratively and cooperatively with others
  • I act and communicate with respect and kindness
  • I take care of resources and my learning environment